Where am I headed?

Tomorrow evening, Saturday 30 October, choreographer Ian Spink and sound artist Bill Thompson collaborate on a new piece entitled The ANa Project which explores the very seperate journeys of two Australians through sound, movement and visual elements. Bill gives us some insight on the piece and how it all came together…

Bill Thompson

“The project started for me with a phone call from Ian Spink whom I had worked with in the 2009 Fast and Dirty workshop that he facilitates each year.

He had an idea about creating an open piece that loosely revolved around the true story of a traveller struggling with schizophrenia who wanders towards the far North of Queensland in a state of confusion as a ‘different person’.

Contrasting this is another story about a different traveller, one who had ‘rediscovered’ himself as an artist late in life and who was travelling in an opposite direction, both geographically and metaphorically, in that instead of loosing his identity, he had in essence, found it as an artist.

Both of these individuals dealt with themes of identity, myth building, and self-creation-essentially, what we confront daily as we navigate our way through the world and the myriad relationships that we find ourselves in.

Using these two characters and their journeys as a starting point, our project, ANa, has developed organically over the better part of a year’s meetings, rehearsals, workshops, and residencies, into a quilt of interrelated sections in which music, theatre, and dance co-exist within the same space, each independently exploring these underlying ideas in their own manner.

Not meant to be experienced as a linear narrative so much as a series of juxtapositioned fragments that sometimes support each other, and at other times contrast, or are simply indifferent, the work taken as a whole opens up various perspectives to be explored by each individual as they engage with the work.

Rather than attempting to provide a definitive answer to ‘What is identity and place’, ANa remains open and ambiguous, perhaps posing more questions than it answers, and actively solicits the personal engagement of performer and audience member alike, as each attempts to find meaning in the work and the questions of identity, place, and what it means to lose or find one’s ‘self’ in any given context.”

Bill Thompson

Full details for the performance are available here. This event is part of DanceLive and a Citymoves commission, with support from the Workroom, Creative Scotland and PRS for Music Foundation.

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