sound recital re-launches Clashnettie Arts Centre

The Studio at Clashnettie Arts Centre (Strathdon) relaunches tomorrow as part of the festival! Peter Welch and artist Helen Denerley who run the centre share their excitement:

Clashnettie Arts Centre

Clashnettie Arts Centre

“We are delighted to be participating in sound for the very first time with a lunchtime concert by flautist Richard Craig on Sunday 14 November 12 noon (yes, tomorrow!). Richard’s concert of baroque and contemporary programme will offer an insight into the fascinating range of sounds that can be achieved on the modern instrument. He has had an extremely busy schedule this year and we are fortunate that he has agreed to perform for us!

Just to give you a bit more details about the venue itself (and whet your appetite of course), the studio was once an old farmhouse and is a wonderfully intimate space with open fires at each end. AND it offers a spectacular view on both Morven and the Cairngorms.

This concert marks what we hope will be a successful venture into a series of intimate musical events, as we have programmed mainly visual arts events in the centre so far. We’d like to encourage artists of all persuasions to come and use our venue and are looking  forward to welcoming composers as well as performers in the coming years. As a matter of fact, next April will see Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis performing as The Cast here.

Enough said … Come and join us tomorrow to share a nice pot of soup, bread and some great music by CPE Bach, Andre Jolivet, Rudolph Escher and Pascal Dusapin alongside 2 UK premieres by Istvan Matuz and Philippe Hersant. [Details here]”

Peter Welch and Helen Denerley

Ps: Access to Clashnettie Arts Centre is down an unmettled track. Beware!

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